Monday, April 26, 2010


Our Trip to Disney!!!! That is the advantage of working for an airline is that you can get away on the spur of the moment. We were going to go to NewYork on Monday night because Aiden really wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty he was learning about in school he even made a little replicate out of clay. Well unfortunately we were running late as usual and decided there was no way to get there ontime with three kids. So we decided to go to Cali the next morning to spend a day at Disney. We were planning on just spending a day but one day turned into 2 and a half we could not get on a flt back on standby thats the disadvantage but at least its free. The kids had a blast and it was nice to get away.

This was the first time we actually found most of the characters but we only got a picture with goofy we really wanted mickey but mickey wouldnt stop. We even got see buzz walk by us Mason was in heaven.

Mason at the Lego store....swording all the lego characters....i was so afraid he was going to knock one down.

My little stinker...he was so good. He just loves to people watch which kept him entertained most of the day.

I love that grin!!!!

Macoy is enjoying his people watching.

Mason always reads the stops signs every time we pass by one on the road so when we saw this one at the disney store he replied " S - T -mickey mouse - P" ha ha !!!!

This was Aidens highlight of the trip was being at the Lego store....we could not get him out.

Indiana "Aiden" Jones

My little Mickey

Of Course everytime we go to Disney it rains...good thing we brought our rain coats.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The birds and the bees

The birds and the bees... isn't six just a little too young. We have been telling Aiden that babies come out of the belly button...ya I know! but really we didn't tell him that he just came to his own conclusion and we just went with it. So anyhoo him and micah were watching something I'm not sure what it was, but a mom just had a baby and the baby was huge and Aiden looks at Micah and said pointing down to his own belly button..."that came out of one of these"!!!! Oh dear!!!! I'm so not ready to explain we will just again, Nod our heads and go with it.

The ladies man.....

Mason has been asking for the last few months for his friend Andy from school to come play with him. First of all I don't know who Andy is and I don't know his number so I asked his teacher if it would be ok if I got Andy's number, so they could have a play date. His teacher gave Micah a sticky with Andy's number on it. Micah took a second glance at it and said "Mason is Andy a girl or a boy" and Mason replied in sarcasm "a girl dad"! It was spelled Andi on the sticky. I just had to laugh, this whole time we thought it was a little boy. I guess he's starting out young and likes the girlies already. He also always talks about Nikki and Chloe from school. Those are the kids he only plays with ...what can I say He's a ladies man. Yikes!!!!

Crazy February

This has been the most craziest few weeks....on top of working fulltime because I messed up and forgot to go back to partime after Macoy. I have to put in a mandatory 7 hours a week AHHHH!!! It has not been fun. I guess in a way it's good micah is slow at work he's been home so i don't have to get a babysitter. On top of that poor Macoy has been so sick...teething, cold, and congestion ugh! I hate the booger snatcher its the worst. I can't wait for March to come around ....a little less crazy at work, and a little bit of warmer weather I hope!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Micah super dad?

Yesterday when I was at work Micah took all the boys to the auto show. I have to say he has more patience than I thought he had. For me I really don't like going shopping or doing errands with all the kids i get to frazzled. But he doesn't mind at all. Kudos for him for taking all the kids to the auto show by himself and he even took the camera to take pictures because I couldn't be there. Tonight I get home and he has dinner cooking, holding the baby in one arm and flipping burgers on the other. Maybe he finally realizes how much work it is to stay home and take care of the kids I wonder if I would be bursting my cloud if I mentioned helping out with the laundry too. Nah! I better not. Taking care of the kids is huge. Maybe I will squeeze that in later. THANKS MICAH!!!! XOXOXO
Some pictures from the auto show. There favorite car was bumblebee, Mason was very hestitant to stand by the car, in fear that he would transform. lol

My dream!!!

Today was my 2nd day of training for our new system that jetblue will be using coming the end of January. Instead of working my shifts from home I'm in training for 2 weeks mon - friday ugh. but at least I get home at 8:30 instead of getting off at 10:30 from my normal shift. So I can see my boys before they fall asleep. I never knew how hard it would be to go back to work. This time is so much harder than the other times going back to work after maternity leave maybe cause I have three now and I have less time to spend with each one individually. I really had an emotional week when I went back a few weeks ago I seriously cried my self to sleep because I missed them so much. This is why we never go on trips without our kids I would seriously have issues I would miss them way too much. I felt like I was the worst mother ever because I couldn't spend time with them. I have to say I totally take back all the days that they begged me to play with them and I kept putting them off because i was cleaning or doing something else. I took time for grantite and thought we can always play later and then later came to nursing the baby and then making lunch and then making dinner and then doing homework and then doing more cleanup. So now that I don't have all the time of the day to play with them I definitely make the time now and toss the dishes a side I can always clean later but my kids will not be little forever.

My dream is I wish we could just get paid to be a mom....but yes that is just a dream and as Susan boyle sings "there are dreams that cannot be".

Monday, January 18, 2010

Silly Mason

I have to post this picture...the boys were playing with there little cars that run by batteries and Mason had this great idea to have the little truck drive up his face and through his hair........I heard from the backroom his crying and ran to see what was the matter and all I could do was laugh. He kept saying Mommy get the scissors he just wanted to cut it right off but we quickly got it untangled after a quick snap shot. Hahaha!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Macoy at 3months

So Apparently Kiddie Kandids closed the doors and unfortunately I had Macoy's 3 month pictures taken the day before they closed and I never got the pictures because my boys were too crazy to stay so I was just going to order them online. Well to bad for that idea now they are lost forever....they turned out so cute too. Out of all my boys he was the one that smiled the whole entire time. grrr! So if anyone knows a good baby photographer let me know kiddie kandids was the only place I took there milestone pictures at.
I just have a few pictures when he turned three months but they are definenantly not professional. He's in his little dumbo seat that he has already outgrown.

Macoy at 3 months old. He is full of smiles and just found out he is very ticklish the first time he laughed was when I was tickling his belly. He couldn't stop laughing and it was contagious, Aiden started to laugh and then Mason.

He's still not the best sleeper in fact none of my kids were. He thinks he is starving at 3 am it's funny my pediatrician in a nice way said he was healthy enough that he should be sleeping 10 to 12 hours through the night meaning he is getting fat and you shouldn't be feeding him when he wakes up in at night. HaHa whatever!!!! when he is eating his hand and won't stop crying sorry i'm nursing him back to sleep...i know i know a bad habit but at least he goes right back to sleep and I don't have to listen to him cry for 30 minutes.

He is the happiest baby ever!!!! He rarely cries and is just so content watching his big brothers play or fight whatever the hour is and he loves watching TV a bad habit from his daddy.

He loves sleeping by someone it doesn't matter who he just loves the comfort and Aiden loves going to sleep right by him.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

09 in a nutshell

I thought I would write about and post pictures from 2009 before I make a goal to write more in 2010.

Aiden teaching Macoy how to walk....just a little to early Aid!!!
Sweet Macoy first time going out of the house

Halloween...Aiden was so proud of his lego star wars costume. Mason as buster the ghost.

Mason learning how to ride his back shortly after he takes the training wheels off.

Our new precious baby boy....Aiden took this picture...Macoy just 2 weeks old.

Our famous pouty face.....I love this face!!!!

Mason showing mommy his scooter tricks. He loves his scooter.

The boys ending there first soccer season. They loved there little soccer man trophies.

Mommy's little blessings.

Mason holding Macoy.

I want to go back and summarize my year of 2009.
It was probably the most eventful, happiest, saddest, hardest and thankful year we have had for awhile.

To name a few things I got pregnant with our third bundle of Joy.
Unfortunately Micah got laid off from his previous job. It was good and bad. Good because I was too sick to take care of my boys and it was nice for him to be home. Bad because now it's penny pitching time. When I started feeling better Jetblue finally called me after a year and I was hired and went into training for 6 weeks straight so I have to say it was great timing, money wise and insurance and Micah was able to watch the kids while I was in training. I am thankful to say he finally got a job after 6 months.

This year my sweet uncle Danny passed away. He was the riverton worker who died in the manhole. I still can't believe hes gone. He was such a wonderful man to everyone around him I believe there was a reason to his short time here on earth. Heavenly Father needed him. I miss him but I have to say I don't miss his wet willies...yuck!!! He was the biggest teaser!

We had a lot of fun days this year we became closer as a family I have to say micah not having work brought our family closer he was always working long hours and never had much time for family he made up those long hours and spent his time off playing with the boys and we had the best time going to our little beach by house for picnics almost every other day. It was our vacation we could pretend we were at California but then the kids would say ...we didn't go on the airplane. We made that up to them when we finally got to use my jetblue benefits and go to SanDiego for a couple of days. The boys had a blast. They caught the biggest clams I have ever seen. We brought them home packed in there sand bucket in our suitcase still alive when we returned home but not for long.

This year Mason started Preschool ...and like Aiden he didn't like it either the second day he ran back into the house and locked the door on me because he didn't want to go. Now I can't say he loves going because he still wines about it but he doesnt put up a fight. He will sometimes go to his calendar and ask me what he is making in school that day. It helps that his teacher is in our ward so he gets to know her a little bit better each week. Her daughter when off track just malls him to death. He gets a little more special treatment when her daughter is home.
He is getting so big I don't want him to grow up. I still want him to be our little macy. He is so funny and says the funniest things. He loves to sing and dance. His favorite song right now is Grandma got ranover by a reindeer!!! and we have to sing it by using everyones name in the family instead of "grandma" it would be daddy. He is the master at building puzzles. Aiden's first day of kindergarten

Aiden started Kindergarten this year at Providence Hall. He was so excited the first day and then after that it took him about three months to not put up a fight to go. He didn't like it because you had to learn and couldn't play the whole time. ha ha!! His best friend Parker is in there and loves seeing him. His teacher called him the social butterfly because he chats to everyone during carpet time and doesn't pay attention to the teacher. He is getting better now. I had to sit and talk to him about it. He is good at writing and drawing, but still doesn't like to read he would rather play legos which he amazes me ....he got a few sets that were for ages 8-12 and put together in one day it was a big pirate ship I couldn't believe it. He loves building and creating his own little lego master pieces. But we do need to spend more time reading though.

The boys played Soccer for the first time this year it wasn't until the last game until Aiden got confident on kicking the ball he did really good and then it was over. Mason just ran with the kids didn't have a clue on what was going on he just loved to run. He he. Also this was Masons first year playing t-ball. He was the smallest one on his team all you could see is his little feet running because his shirt was too long and the helmet was too big. He did pretty good though at hitting the ball.

To end the year....we had a third little boy...Macoy. I'm not sure when his exact due date was I just new he was going to come the end of Sept or the first week of October and he did. My doctor induced me on October 2nd but when Iwent in I was having contractions so I probably would of had him that day either way. It was a smooth labor all except the time when I almost passed out I guess I turned all clammy and pail and the nurse rushed in and gave me some oxygen and it was all good. I went in at 8:00 and had him 2:45 actually micah left at 1:00 for an errand because I wasn't doing much progress and then I quickly called him back because I went from a 6 to a 9 in a half an hour. That was a close one. He was born 7.6 and 191/2 long. Beautiful boy he looked like both Aiden and Mason he was a perfect mix of the two. He was healthy although his blood sugar was way low they took him in the nursery for the first few days to feed him. After that it was good to bring him home where the kids just loved him to death. Aiden would hold him for hours and hours and Mason would want to hold him but then seconds later give him back.

That sums up our year in a nutshell. We also got called to be Missionary Leaders which is nice because we do it as a couple but it's a trial for me I'm not the type to just go and invite neighbors who are inactives or not a member about the gospel. With prayer and guidance Heavenly Father finds the way for me to make friends with them. I have to say it's been my hardest calling.

I am happy for the New Year, I just hate getting older!!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost there

Wow it's been awhile since Ive computer is full and I can't download any pictures so its no fun to just write without posting pictures. Anyway...I went to the doc today....Hoping he would say okay lets induce you on wednesday, it was all hope. Instead I got a lecture to not stand on barstools while washing windows cuz i fell and scarred up my leg pretty bad. At first he thought I had a bad experience at shaving my legs. ha ha. Anyhoo he said he can't induce until next thursday because he will be out of town for a week.....UGH a week and a half seems way to long I am so ready to have this baby and so are the boys Mason still says everyday when is baby brother coming. He says he is ready to brush his teef, rock him to sweep and even change his poopies....its funny because Aiden and Mason are fighting over who's going to change the diapers. I'm excited less baby changing for me woohoo!. So the count down is on for Oct 1st I guess its time to finally decide on a name!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lawn Mower takes over!!!!!!

We were outside today pulling some weeds. And the neighbor kid was mowing his lawn and Aiden said can I mow our lawn. I said ya so he went and got the lawn mower and I started it for him and put it on the lowest gear there was. Our lawn mower just wips you around if you are on the highest speed. So Aiden started to mow it and he was doing really good and turned the corner and the next thing I saw was Aiden on the ground being dragged by the lawn mower. I am laughing right now writing this but it scared him to death. He was headed into our window well. Unfortunately I forgot to tell him how to slow down when you turn a corner and the most important part is how to stop the lawn mower he was still pushing on the bar. I ran for him and was yelling for him to let go by the time I pulled him away from the lawn mower he was only inches away from the lawnmower taking him down into the window well and some of my flowers were mowed over. Poor little kid after I pulled him away from the beast of a lawn mower he started to cry and was shaking. But now seeing it in my head it was kind of funny I wish I could do a reinactment to take a picture. Hopefully that wont scar him forever.

Mason moment.....
I have to write this down before I forget.
The other night mason was just laying on the couch watching some toons. He sat up and said mommy where was I buried before I was born. At first I didn't understand him he had to repeat himself a few times then I finally figured it out and then he said mommy where were you buried before you were born.
(In English) he meant where were we before we were born. I told him we were in heaven with Heavenly Father he is still trying to understand that we were there before we were born and we go there after we die. Hes only 3 for him to just randomly think about that makes me so curious of what is constantly going on in his little head. He asks the most random questions just like Aiden did.

A few other milestones I need to journal.......

Aiden now can read 5 out of his BOB books all by himself his goal is to read all 18 before kindergarten and his reward is a new lego set. Yes legos motivate that kid He loves them.

He finally learned how to tie his shoes so now all he likes to wear are his shoes with laces. He can tie a double knot. He is so proud of that too and shows everyone that he knows how to tie his own laces.

Mason has mastered his scooter, him and Aiden saved up for months to buy new scooters. They finally earned enough money to buy them. It took Mason a few weeks, now he thinks he can jump off curbs and do bunny hops on his scooter.....I have to say that kid goes so fast down those hills. So far he has only got 8 owies on his knees. I'm sure there is more to come and every time he just comes in gets it cleaned up and is back on his scooter. He thinks he is one of the big boys now.

For me I am now 30 weeks and only 10 weeks to go....and I am so ready, not so much the baby yet but for my bodies sake.....its to the point where you cant bend down and walking up and down the stairs I feel like im going to pass out. I guess thats a sign that I am out of shape.
And Every day Mason asks when is baby brother coming out to play. He is so excited and hopefully he stays excited when the new baby comescomes.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The last few weeks

I have to say that I miss the rain....this morning was perfect weather to be outside and playing and now its scorching hot. Wouldn 't the days be perfect if it rained throughout the day just to cool you off. I loved it when it was overcasted maybe because i'm pregnant so the heat is just so draining to me right now. Although I don't miss my kids coming in wet everyday from jumping on the tramp after it just downed poured.

This is the first 4th of July that we have not had anything planned's weird being home and not having anything to go to side of the family always has our reunion during the 4th but this year apparently there isn't one. We are just hanging out playing outside. Later we will go to the fireworks but I have to say it has been quite a peaceful and nice day today. The last few weeks we have been busy with activities its been quite eventful so it's nice to take a break.

The last few weeks....
We rode the tram up to boys loved it, there favorite part was playing in the snow once we reached the top and feeding the little squirrel popcorn.( although you weren't suppposed to feed them) it kept them entertained. And there was this crazy skier who skied down the mountain. I'm not sure what he did once the snow melted half way down.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuff to journal about

Since I use my blog more for journaling than any other reason.......I have to take the time to write down a few things that Aiden and Mason have then I can go back and put it there books.....

Aiden....."Mom and Dad what does Heavenly Father do all day"
Dad....." answers everyones prayers"
Aiden...."thats it well then when does he sleep?
Dad...."He doesnt"

Mason...."Dad I'm going to drink you!" cuz your chocolate milk"

Mason...Eating a bowl of chocolate icecream...looks like poop "mmmm this is delicious poop"

and now just right this second..Mason....."mom your poop in a bum"

seriously this kid is infacturated with the word poop!

His new word is "actually"

Mom...."Mason what do you want to eat"
Mason ..."uhm cereal no actually toast no actually yogurt no actually poop!"

Funny story
I remember seeing on Aidens calendar for the month of May that he was making a mothers day gift in school. Well days went by and I don't remember him bringing anything home I always check his backpack....well after mothers day I asked Aide did you make anything...he said Nope! A month went by and I was cleaning his room and under his bed I found this big pink envelope that said "TO MOM ...LOVE AIDEN" inside it was a big heart with his hand prints on it. I asked him whats this and he said my teacher told me to put it under my bed and then I said did she tell you when to give it to me and he said No. Ha ha.....he was really sneaky because I never saw it when I picked him up. It was so cute too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Oh is he really that old already......I can't believe his preschool years are over . He is so ready for kindergarten and can't wait. He had a blast this year in his class he absolutely adored his teacher. She was so good with them. He loved all the art work they did every day .....for a preschool class they did some amazing artwork so creative.

He had his preschool program the other day which of course was a singing program and for Aiden its not his favorite thing....he likes singing he just doesn't like doing the hand motions and he hates being in front of a crowd so for every program so this year by the end of the program all you can see is his feet because they sit on this long table and he scoots back so people can't see him. It is hilarious and then the teacher taps on his foot to nudge him to scoot forward and then all the parents grin and smile and look at us. He was so excited to graduate and worked hard he had a goal to read these books the teacher passed out every week and he passed them all off.

He is starting to scoot his little bum back